Digital Radiography/X-Rays

Digital Radiography

The Animal Clinic has the most advanced form of x-ray available known as digital radiography (digital x-rays). Digital x-ray imaging has many advantages over traditional systems. First and foremost, the images taken on a digital system are superior to traditional images, meaning your pet will be diagnosed quickly and correctly so treatment can begin immediately. Digital images can be altered to show greater detail, and fewer retakes are needed. Fewer x-rays means your pet is only exposed to minimal and safe levels of radiation. A digital system also does not require the chemicals needed to process the radiographs. Finally, if a board-certified radiologist is needed to review the images, they can immediately be emailed to a specialist to begin treatment faster than with an older x-ray system and emailed to you quickly at home.

Digital X-Rays can be extremely beneficial in cases including:

• Fractures or breaks
• Objects swallowed by your pet
• Tumors
• Bladder Stones
• Joint Issues
• Other cases where physical exam does not reveal an underlying problem

Radiographs can help diagnose many conditions in pets including bone fractures, internal injuries, as well as determine organ size and locate foreign objects.